Regional Fieldworkers

Robert Losey

Rob Losey

Dr. Losey is responsible for documenting breeds of modern and ancient dogs across Eurasia as well as developing new methods for analysing stress markers on the bones of dogs and of reindeer.

Konstantin Klokov

Prof. Klokov will be documenting contemporary reindeer-herding and Rangifer hunting societies across Russian North but expecially Yamal and Zabaikal'e.

Artur Kharinskii

Prof. Kharinskii will be co-ordinating the palynological laboratory work within Russia as well as the genetic sampling of Rangifer breeds.  He will also co-ordinate fieldwork in the North Baikal region.

Clinton Westman

Dr. Westman will be conducting ethnographic field research in Northern Alberta and Saskatchewan on the ritual understandings of animals among Crees.

Vladimir Davydov

Dr. Davydov will conduct ethnographic work among contemporary herding and hunting societies across Eastern Siberia but especially in Evenkiia and the North Baikal regions.

Elena Volzhanina

Dr. Volzhanina is conducting an ethnohistorical study of the process of land entitlement among indigenous reindeer herding people on the Iamal peninsula in Western Siberia in the first third of the 20th Century.