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Rob Wishart publishes an article on "the forgotten importance of fishing" among the Gwich'in

11 November - 11 December 2013

Rob Wishart publishes a peer-reviewed article in Polar Record, entitled "We ate lots of fish back then": the forgotten importance of fishing in Gwich'in country.

Arctic Domus member Rob Wishart publishes an article on fishing among the Gwich'in, situating fishing activities as an important, but largely underestimated, part of both contemporary Gwich'in economy and of the Canadian fur trade:





This article attempts to reconcile the fact that fishing has been and continues to be a large part of the Gwich'in local economy with the fact that fishing has been neglected in both popular and scientific accounts of Gwich'in practice. The article puts forth an explanation for why fishing has been neglected while at the same time documenting the corpus of fishing activities included in the yearly round. It also situates fishing as an important, but largely underestimated, part of the Canadian fur trade and explains how fish came to be used by traders and Gwich'in in a system of advances that benefited both parties. As a so-called secondary activity, fishing is entangled in Gwich'in history and their current way of life, and this article challenges the idea that it can be easily separated from other land based activities.


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