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Other Contributions

  • Wishart, RP. Development Alternatives: Cicada conference.
  • Wishart, R. & Loovers, JPL. Relationships of no small significance: Invisibility, animals, and the Domus. CHAGS conference.
  • Wishart, RP. Humans, Animals, Environment: Beyond Perception conference.
  • Davydov, V. Interv'iu 'Iamal region-TV'.
  • Davydov, V. TV-programma 'Anatomiia dnia', kanal NTV.
  • Davydov, V. TV-programma 'Matritsa nauki'.
  • Davydov, V. Chelovek, zhivotnoe, landshaft: Antropologiia sovmesnykh peremeshchenii.
  • Davydov, V. & Arzyutov, DV. Severnyi antropologicheskii semnar MAE RAN 'Radioaktivnye volki (2011) - pokaz filma i diskussiia'.
  • Davydov, V. Evenki-olenevody v epokhu transformatsyi: Ideologiia poselenii i mobil'nost'.
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