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Arctic Domus participates in First CICADA Conference

Arctic Domus participates in First CICADA Conference
23 - 30 October 2015

Arctic Domus participates in the Centre for Indigenous and Development Alternatives conference at Le Baluchon near Saint Paulin, Quebec, 23-27 October 2015

Arctic Domus will be participating as an allied partner in the first CICADA conference near Saint Paulin, Québec.

Arctic Domus team members David Anderson, Rob Wishart, and Gro Ween will give a Project Presentation on 25 October.

Kukwpi7 Qwalqwalten (Garry John; Tsal’alh, St’át’ímc) and Sarah Moritz will present a paper entitled “T’aks ta amha swa7 (A good quality of life): Living, Governing and Protecting the St’át’ímc Way of Life in the Fraser River Valley”.

Rob Wishart will be discussant and chair on two separate panels on 26 October: respectively, Land Tenure and Territorial Rights, and Life Projects, Livelihoods and Living Well.

As stated on the conference website, "CICADA focuses on the conceptual and practical potential of Indigenous peoples’ collective life projects to generate innovative regimes of environmental protection and the alternative visions of development required to foster ecological integrity. We bring together the projects of more than sixty academic co-investigators and collaborators from numerous universities and research institutions internationally, working in partnership with more than thirty Indigenous partner communities and organizations in the Americas, East Africa, Asia and Oceania. Our research program is structured by seven thematic and methodological axes: 1) life projects and ontologies; 2) customary tenures and territorial rights; 3) livelihoods and food security; 4) politics of resource extraction; 5) conservation and protected areas; 6) community mapping; and 7) visual methodologies."


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