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Department Seminar--Marianne Lien

05 February 2015, 15:00 - 17:00

Speaker: Marianne Lien

Professor Marianne Lien will deliver a talk on salmon entitled "Escapee, homeless and those that wander off: Salmon as rubble in Norwegian rivers".


Escapee, homeless and those that wander off: Salmon as rubble in Norwegian rivers


In Norway, human and salmon have guided each others’ lives in a fluid evolutionary tapestry that predates historical records. More recently, industrial development, hydroelectric power, and salmon farming have added new layers to this tapestry, and we see some salmon flourish while others are under threat.  My paper traces salmon stories from the shores of the Vosso river, where the original Vosso salmon are returning in great numbers, as a result of recent cultivation efforts.  Salmon returns provide not only prey for anxious anglers, but data too, and as such they help to ‘domesticate’ a river, making it legible for biologists in charge.  In my paper I search for the cracks and the openings where the data become less certain, more indeterminate, and don’t add up.  Tracing the movements of salmon that ‘wander off’,  I try to tell a story of the river that remains sensitive to the generative capacity of underwater lives. 

For more information, please see the Visiting Speakers link or contact Maria Nakhshina

Hosted by: Arctic Domus and Anthropology Department

Venue: Edward Wright Building, F61


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