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Arctic Domus team members' CFP for Congress of Anthropologists and Ethnologists of Russia

17 January - 15 February 2017

Arctic Domus project lead David Anderson and team member Elena Volzhanina are organizing a panel on "the land question" at the 12th Congress of Anthropologists and Ethnologists of Russia in Izhevsk, Udmurt Republic. Please find the call for papers, abstract, and submission instructions below:

We invite papers to the following special panel on the history of “land entitlements” for indigenous peoples in any part of the world but with an emphasis on the “land question”  in Siberia and Northern Russia. 

Registrations details, in English, can be downloaded at this link.

The deadline for paper abstracts is 15 February 2017.

Title: Section 11. The “Land Question” and the History of Land Entitlement Expeditions

David Anderson and Elena Volzhanina

Abstract: In this panel we will discuss the both the history and current practice of land-use and state-organized land-entitlement among different peoples. The process of reorganizing access to land (“land entitlement”) has not always been unambiguous nor painless.  It often demanded the people change their land-use patterns.  Most often it demanded a compromise between state or official expectations about how land should be used and traditional practices.  This issue has been felt acutely by indigenous peoples whose traditional land-use have been misunderstood, and continue to be misunderstood as being unclear and contradictory to the patterns and expectations of the majority.  The issue is therefore relevant to guide government policy practice in this area.  One of the goals of state-led land entitlement has been the ordering of relationships between the settler and native populations with a general policy of granting access to land (“the land question”).  It has often sought a rational solution to this dilemma through highly detailed studies of the ethnographic, economic, geographical, biological peculiarities of a given territory. Therefore, one of the most important legacies of these expeditions have been the assembling of an enormous archive of documents testifying to the land-rights of native peoples and describing lost land-use traditions.  This panel directs attention to the documents left by land-entitlement expeditions, some of which are accessible on-line. It also directs attention to the methods, conditions of work and conclusions of land-entitlement expeditions.  In particular we look at specific participants, and their motivations, which them to gather large amounts of high-quality materials in order help policy makers make a decision in favour of one or another side in the “land question".

Applications for participation in the Congress as well as summaries of the papers should be sent in electronic form (in *.doc or *.docx format) with a compulsory note in the subject line "Application to XII CAER, section number ..." until 15 February, 2017 to the chairperson(s) of the selected sections (nyabako@mail.ru); the copy of the application should be sent to the Organizing Committee (aaer_2017@mail.ru).

Information about the Congress can be found on the Association website and here.


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